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gogiverDate read: July 2018
How strongly I recommend it: 10/10

Go to to see the reviews.

My thoughts: Great parable about having a philosophy of abundance in your business and life.

My Notes:
I read this little book the other day on the urging of a great friend and client Shanda Sumpter. I had read it years ago but it didn’t have the impact on me then that it did this time.

I found the book to be profound philosophically. If not in its simplicity.

The Go Giver is a parable. It tells the story of a young man in business who is stressed out and can never seem to “make it”. He is doing ok but always seems to fall just short of his quota at his company.

He seeks advice from an old timer at his company named Gus… who then refers him to a man that he calls the Chairman. The man who Gus credits with all his success.

The protagonist (Joe) reaches out to the Chairman and is surprised to find that he is willing to meet him the next day. Upon arriving at the Chairman’s impressive estate, Joe is immediately impressed that something is different about this man.

They end up meeting together for 5 straight days for lunch. The Chairman changes Joe’s life as well.

I loved the little book and am currently getting all my kids to read it.

In the book there are several things that stuck out to me.

First off, the Chairman changed Joe’s life but did it in several ways.

1. The Chairman introduced 5 laws which changed Joe’s philosophy.
2. The Chairman required Joe to put each new law into practice before the next meeting.
3. The Chairman introduced Joe to amazing people who were already putting the laws into practice.

I think these three things are equally critical for the success of the protagonist. If Joe had just learned the 5 Laws but not actually DONE them and felt their truth – then he would have likely shrugged it off and went back to his own ways and life.

Meeting people who also were doing these things (and having success) is also very powerful. It provides social proof to Joe that what the Chairman was telling him to do wasn’t just theory. Meeting these people also led him to new opportunities and collaborations.

Lastly – the 5 laws themselves have the power to transform the way Joe (or anyone) does business. Here are the 5 laws:

1. The Law of Value:   Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.

2. The Law of Compensation:   Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

3. The Law of Influence:   Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.

4. The Law of Authenticity:   The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

5. The Law of Receptivity:    The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

Each of the 5 laws is tied in with a meeting and a person. And the stories of those people and how they rose to success. It is quite a powerful parable. Especially in the world of online business today.

It is really easy to become focused on all the copycats and people stealing your content or ideas online. But I do believe that the go-giver premise is solid and that the way forward for business is to adopt these laws.

I see them at work in my own business.

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I have decided that I need a quest.

I have chosen an appropriate challenge for myself. To play the top 100 Golf Courses in America. Then after I have completed this quest to conquer the world. At least in terms of golf.

Here is the top 100 list:

  1. Pine Valley
  2. Augusta National
  3. Cypress Point
  4. Shinnecock Hills
  5. Oakmont
  6. Merion
  7. Pebble Beach
  8. National Golf Links of America
  9. Sand Hills Golf Club
  10. Winged Foot
  11. Fishers Island Club
  12. Crystal Downs
  13. Seminole
  14. Chicago Golf Club
  15. Muirfield Village
  16. The Country Club
  17. Oakland Hills
  18. Pacific Dunes
  19. Friars Head
  20. Oak Hill CC
  21. The Ocean Course at Kiawah
  22. Whistling Straits
  23. Los Angeles CC
  24. Riviera CC  (May2019)
  25. Wade Hampton
  26. Shadow Creek (May2019)
  27. The Alotian Club
  28. Gozzer Ranch
  29. Prairie Dunes
  30. Pinehurst #2
  31. The Olympic Club
  32. The Honors Course
  33. Peachtree Golf Club
  34. The Golf Club
  35. Southern Hills CC
  36. Bandon Dunes
  37. San Francisco GC
  38. Bethpage Black
  39. Baltusrol
  40. Pikewood National
  41. Sebonack
  42. Castle Pines
  43. Victoria National
  44. Erin Hills
  45. Butler National
  46. Garden City GC
  47. Old Macdonald
  48. Medinah
  49. Spyglass Hill
  50. Ballyneal
  51. TPC Sawgrass
  52. Camargo
  53. Kinloch
  54. Interlachen
  55. Whispering Pines
  56. Old Sandwich
  57. Scioto
  58. Oak Tree
  59. Dallas National
  60. Pete Dye GC
  61. Baltusrol (upper)
  62. Winged Foot (east)
  63. Canyata GC
  64. Somerset Hills
  65. Monterey Peninsula (shore)
  66. ShoreAcres
  67. Kittansett
  68. Arcadia Bluffs
  69. Spring Hill GC
  70. Bandon Trails
  71. Milwaukee GC
  72. Maidstone Club
  73. Cherry Hills
  74. The Estancia Club
  75. Congressional
  76. Quaker Ridge
  77. Plainfield CC
  78. Aronimink
  79. Olympia Fields
  80. Valley Club of Montecito
  81. Valhalla
  82. Boston GC
  83. The Quarry at Laquinta
  84. The GC at Black Rock
  85. Hudson National
  86. Double Eagle Club
  87. Yeamans Hall Club
  88. Rich Harvest Links
  89. Inverness
  90. Diamond Creek
  91. Essex Country Club
  92. Blackwolf Run
  93. The Preserve
  94. Crooked Stick
  95. Laurel Valley
  96. Calusa Pines
  97. Flint Hills National
  98. Sahalee National
  99. Mayacama
  100. Eagle Point

Courses that used to be in the top 100 that I have played:
East Lake
Atlanta Athletic Club
Atlanta Country Club
Harbor Town
Haig Point
May River

Shocking to me that these courses are NOT in the top100:
Torrey Pines
East Lake
Atlanta Athletic Club
Harbor Town
Chambers Bay
The Greenbriar
Sea Island GC
May River
Haig Point
Spanish Bay
PGA West
The Dunes 
Poppy Hills
Pinehurst #8
Pelican Hill
Great Waters



4/10/19 Update: Played Doral in April 2019 with RobK, RobN & ToddH.

Looks like I will be playing Riviera and Shadow Creek next month with RobN & RobK 🙂


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Would you rather have a president who is clumsy, doesn’t say the right thing, doesn’t look presidential but is doing what he thinks is absolutely right for the country…

Or… a president who looks the part… speaks like a president. Appears to be one of the greatest presidents ever… but is on tape going against what he KNOWS to be right but for political gain?

The first president is of course Trump.

The second is Kennedy.

If you watch the Ken Burns documentary on Netflix about the Vietnam war… there is a recording of Kennedy saying that he KNOWS that we should not send troops to Vietnam and that he knows that it will be useless bloodshed but that he cannot see how he gets re-elected if he does not do it.

With all the people who love Kennedy you would think that this would change their minds… but nope they are willing to overlook something that seems truly evil to me… especially when you think of all the men who died because of that decision.

As sophisticated as we like to think we are… it baffles me the lack of ability on either side to think critically.

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