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Posted by Kevin at August 4, 2018

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Would you rather have a president who is clumsy, doesn’t say the right thing, doesn’t look presidential but is doing what he thinks is absolutely right for the country…

Or… a president who looks the part… speaks like a president. Appears to be one of the greatest presidents ever… but is on tape going against what he KNOWS to be right but for political gain?

The first president is of course Trump.

The second is Kennedy.

If you watch the Ken Burns documentary on Netflix about the Vietnam war… there is a recording of Kennedy saying that he KNOWS that we should not send troops to Vietnam and that he knows that it will be useless bloodshed but that he cannot see how he gets re-elected if he does not do it.

With all the people who love Kennedy you would think that this would change their minds… but nope they are willing to overlook something that seems truly evil to me… especially when you think of all the men who died because of that decision.

As sophisticated as we like to think we are… it baffles me the lack of ability on either side to think critically.