Step 2: Search for interesting images already on the FB page or profile

Now, after you have the Ad Core identified and on your doc… the next step is to go to your or your clients Facebook Page (or personal profile if there isn’t much on the page) and load up all the images. In this example, I will use my page. I will also show lots of examples that I did for Taki Moore at the end of this tutorial.

This image is when I went to the burning man festival a few years ago. If I saw that in my feed it might stop the scroll… it is just weird enough that I would read it and see what it was about. The angle that immediately came to mind was something about Burning My Cash Man.

This image is when me and my buddy Rob Kosberg met Tony Robbins at the clickfunnels event. What is interesting to me about this pic is that Tony Robbins is so big that he makes me and Rob look like Hobbits. So that would likely be my angle here.