Step 4: Refine the Lead and Come up with the Big Idea

Ok… now you have a bunch of possible leads. It’s time to narrow it down to one or two or three at most… I will run a few variants on the same ad sometimes to see which one lands best. 

So for the Burning Man one… Here is the big idea I am playing with…

Your ad spend is going up in flames… You want it to work… but no matter how good you feel at the start of a campaign – somehow two days later… its just burning through cash with no results. 

Here are some leads that work with that Big Idea:

Little did he know it… but he would be on fire tomorrow night… But for now he’s all smiles. 

Is there a way to stop the ad dollars from Burning Man?

I like those two the best. I really like the idea of the first one even though the language isn’t exactly right… So here is probably where I would take it…

Little did he know it… but he was doomed to a fiery end tomorrow…

Just like that new ad campaign… it always starts out with high hopes but a day or two later ends up in flames… There’s a Burning need for a better way to run ads Man…

That feels pretty good. 

Now… for the Hobbit one… I came up with a good big idea.

What if Facebook is like Sauron? (tricky to run ads on the platform that you are saying is evil – i know)

FB=Sauron and we are the little Hobbits.

Here are the leads that could work with that Big Idea:

It’s a dangerous business running ads Mr. Frodo…

Even the smallest person (like these Hobbits) can change the future…

Mr Frodo… I don’t care how big he is… I will fight him for you!

Here is where I would likely take it with this….

It’s a dangerous business running ads right now Mr. Frodo… especially with the evil one out there closing accounts for no reason… the all seeing eye needs a contact lens right now. 

The only negative on this one is the leap that I am saying we look like Hobbits next to TR is not clear. So that is a concern… I will try to tie it together and make that clear with the headline.