Step 5: Tie the Headline to the Lead

The headline serves as a way to get a little bit more copy into their head to complete and tie together the big idea of the ad. For instance, in the Hobbit example above, I believe we have a cool big idea but the challenge is that it is not completely obvious just from the image and the lead so we are going to need to tie it all together with the Headline. 

Burning Man Headline Ideas:

So for the burning man ad, I need a headline that ties the burning of ad-spend to the image and the big idea of the ad. The premise is that the burning man doesn’t know that he is about to be burned up. Just like we don’t know if we are about to be burned up with our ads. 

Adspend dollars feel like they are being set on Fire?

Pressing Publish feel like striking the Match?

Burning ad dollars like we’re at a Festival?

It’s no fun watching your ad dollars Burning… Man.

I think I like the last one the best. Let’s go with that. 

Hobbit headlines:

So for the hobbit idea, we gotta tie the image to the lead. Let them in on the joke that TR makes us look like hobbits because he is so big. This one is a bit more difficult to tie together cleanly. 

Little Hobbits’es… One does not simply run ads on Facebook™

I really like this one… it plays on the meme from Boromir where he says… One does not simply walk into Mordor. The LOTR nerds will get it.  This feels pretty good – except I normally don’t like using the word FB in my ads… so honestly I would probably change that. But for this exercise you get the idea.