The 15 Minute Ads Framework is based off the idea of building your ads with blocks.

There are 4 building blocks to the Framework.

The first and most important block is what we call the “Ad Core”. This is the main part of the ad that displays after the viewer has clicked on the see more link on the ad when scrolling.

The second block is the creative. In this framework we are using images for the creative.

The third block is what is known as the “Lead”. The lead is the opening line of the ad copy and in this framework it equates to the copy that is above the fold that can be seen without clicking on the “see more” link.

The fourth block is the headline. The headline is below the creative. 

The big idea is that the “Ad Core” does all the work in the ad. It is what presents the opportunity and call to action and converts the click. Having a consistent Ad Core saves tremendous time in writing new ads. 

I noticed that the Ad Core was often hidden behind the “see more” part of the ad. So that gives us the ability to re-use this part of the ad over and over again while still creating significant variety in the LOOK of the ads in the newsfeed.

Surprisingly the Ad Core has nothing to do with what the person sees in the newsfeed. But it is still the most important element of the ad because without an ad core that converts… everything else is useless.

The newsfeed component of the ad… the part that people see and stop the scroll for… is comprised of the other three components of the ad: the creative (image), the lead and the headline. 

So our theory is that we should be able to keep the Ad Core (the most important part) the same on the ads but switch out lots of different variations of Images, Leads and Headlines to make the ads feel different.

So how do we do that?